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Cherish | Unappreciated (Album + Review)

1. That Boi
2. Do It To It feat. Sean Paul of the YoungBloodZ
3. Chevy
4. Unappreciated
5. Taken
6. Stop Calling Me
7. Oooh
8. Chick Like Me feat. Rasheeda
9. Whenever
10. Show and Tell
11. Fool 4 You
12. Moment In Time

Click the album cover to peep my review and DROP UR E-MAIL ADDY if you want the d/l link!!

Cherish may not be the 2nd coming of any infamous girl group from the past but this actually works in their favor. The lack of pressure from comparisons will give them ample room to breathe and time to live up to the potential exhibited on this debut. They already know how to write a good lyric and construct a good melody. And once they learn the art of arranging a good vocal is to make it the heart of the song rather than just simply a element in it, I’m pretty sure they’ll find themselves appreciated on a much larger scale.

great opinon. i have heard mixed reviews on this album. cant wait to hear.


I love these girls! mattypubics@gmail.com

They are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

im so into it yeah sunshinesusi@freenet.de

can i have the link to this album??

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